I consider it part of my duty in life as a DVSA ADI (car) Professional Driving Instructor
to train anyone to a high standard where they can make the correct assessment for the hazards ahead or behind or to the side in any situation

The new SC ( Standards Check) test you can be sure that the same high quality instruction will be taught to you the client on each and every lesson:

  • Top quality ADI
  • Always happy to help
  • A great way to get fully trained and be equipped to drive on today’s roads
  • Be assured of top quality from the DVSA Grade 6 adi to the current SC grading
  • A high standard under this new system from the DVSA

When you learn anything in life it is always best to do it right the first time, failure or a misunderstanding can lead to an RTC (road traffic collision) which could at worse kill you or others.

My Way is the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency way, the correct way, the safest way.

New Renault Captur 1.5 diesel 110 bhp 6 speed

As a DVSA ADI (car) Instructor you should be trained in a shorter time than the average 45 hours (DVSA Statistics)

You decide who would be best for your tuition?


Brief summary of my Instructor Training

My Instructor Training was from an ex Class 1 Police Advanced Driving Instructor Mr Brian Carder
Working for the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary Region 6 at the Plymouth Police Driving School for many years, certainly one of the best Instructors / trainers I have ever met.

I really had a flare for the work, I was approached in 1994 by Defensive Driving Consultants of Aylesbury to work as a freelance Defensive Driving Consultant after being recommended by Mr Brian Carder.

I helped with other Instructors run the National Driver Improvement Scheme, firstly within the Cornwall Training company, then a 3 year contract for Driving Services in the Redruth area, we had great success as we were putting safer drivers back on the road after some training, courses were held over one and a half days, some classroom work plus plenty of on road driver training.

In 1999 I was head hunted by Drive Alive Uk Ltd (ISO 9001 & ISO 39001 Accreditation) to work for them on a freelance basis as a
Defensive Driving Consultant, this company is one of the top quality companies in the UK offering Defensive Driving Courses.

All companies in the UK have a duty of care for all their employees this is with regard to the Health and Safety at work act regarding any machines they may operate or vehicles they may drive, failure to have an employee correctly risk assessed by Qualified Professionals could render the company liable for prosecution if an incident occurred

My work is very enjoyable and satisfying I teach drivers who can already drive to use the SYSTEM of CAR CONTROL from ROADCRAFT the Police Driving Manual


This helps them to Drive at a much higher, safer confident standard using less fuel, lower insurance costs, but the major gain is to lessen the chances of being involved in a serious RTC (road traffic collision)

This aspect of my training and use of ROADCRAFT helps me train you the client to a much safer and hopefully a much higher standard whether you are a Beginner or Advanced.

I enjoy my work everyday

“You will learn to drive to keep yourself alive…get the best you can afford”

Advanced driving certificates held for car and motorcycle since 1990

No instructor has a 100% first time pass rate!!!

On the day things can go wrong.

  • It is YOU the pupil who has to pass the test
  • On test the examiner is looking for how you deal with all situations
  • You are 100% in charge of the car.
  • If you commit a driving error it is marked, but can become serious or even dangerous
  • The dividing line between a marked driving error and a serious or dangerous error is various and depends on the circumstances
  • Whilst training you will have been taught the basic M.S.P.S.G.L.A.D.A. routine
  • Then develop your own driver style to encompass this on each and every drive
  • Don’t blame anyone else
  • You have to be responsible for all your actions, each and every drive
  • We are human beings and sometimes things go wrong
  • Aim for 100% anything less will inevitably find you out?
  • Be positive and believe in yourself always

With my Professional guidance all my pupils over 23 + years  have passed the
practical driving test.

But some give up and never continue to test, money normally or family problems
Some change to another instructor, they think they know best

Some change because of price…under cutting is common in our trade, but you will pay more in the end
Some are just not cut out to drive at all ( very very few in 25+ years)

I also work part time as a
Defensive Driving Consultant for
Drive Alive Uk Ltd
(ISO 9001 & ISO 39001 Accreditation)
This is one of the top quality Defensive Driving Companies in the Uk