My commentary drive using the GS 5000 in car camera

This is certainly one of the best tools that I have ever used whilst driver training, it is on every time we start the car, nothing is missed.
This is a drive from Redruth area to St Day, see if you can spot the relevant points of interest that I point out in the commentary, especially in the Scorrier woods with the oncoming LGV.
By using the system in “Road Craft” the Police drivers manual we give ourselves that valuable “Time to React”
The numbers appear to be moving on the left hand side of the screen in the clip, but of course in reality they are steady when viewed on a PC or Laptop…
Details are in KPH not MPH
(convert…i.e. 48 KPH = 30 MPH)


Signs & how to approach

Here my pupil is prompted to deal with the red circle sign “GIVE WAY TO ONCOMING VEHICLES” also to cover the clutch (this will prevent stalling as we need to stop)
the Volvo turns left out of the junction ahead of us he then has priority on the main road. Even with a prompt pupil did not react because he thought he had room,
but as we see from the clip, he was approaching to quickly, so Duals used to stop the car at the Give Way line….as with everything in life it’s a learning curve.

Motorcyclist are a danger to themselves – lookout for them – ignore them at your peril!!

Accident waiting to happen: here we see stationary vehicles at a set of PUFFIN lights, see a maniac on his motorcycle overtaking at speed from the lights…
We teach you to do a Blind spot check if your wheels stop turning, every time, and before you move away…failure to do so is a driving error, at worse you could have someone like we see in the clip…

Works van being driven in a manner that could have killed someone

What to do and how to approach a double mini roundabout?
Approach roundabouts with the intention of stopping, but look carefully as there may be time to move in safely, give yourself time to react, expect the unexpected.
Click on the You Tube clip to see the incident towards the end of the clip.
Play it a few times and stop at 1 second intervals, an accident waiting to happen.