If you click on this pdf link it gives a summary of what is mentioned below:

There are no mysteries here:

Either Client centred or Instructor led instruction or a mixture

As a client or pupil every lesson there are questions which enable you to see where you want to improve?
Something along the lines of:

  • “What is your stress level at the beginning of the lesson”
  • Scaling 1-10 You are invited to give your self the mark, no influence by me at end of lesson then start of next 
  • Observation
  • Awareness
  • Planning
  • Anticipation
  • Judgement
  • Control
  • Self Awareness
  • “In today’s lesson what would you like to improve on”
  • “In the last lesson you mentioned you wanted to improve on?
  • “In today’s lesson what areas of concern will you try and improve on”
  • “in today’s lesson what will be your aim to do without prompting”
  • “In today’s lesson what do you want to attempt without prompting”

There are many variations of what I may ask,
generally it is to encourage you the pupil to understand how and why anything needs to be done the correct way for now and of course post test.

So with a goal in mind, it will then be decided how this goal will be achieved,
either by:

  • Introducing a topic to be learnt
  • Re-capping on a previous topic learnt before
  • More instruction / prompting / coaching to achieve success
  • A short demonstration (sometimes this is of help, especially in exercises)
  • Prompting during the learning process
  • Coaching to help achieve success each and every drive
  • Re-capping at the end of the lesson of progress made
  • Setting your goals and objectives in advance of the next lesson
  • Always trying to get it right
  • Adequate feedback during lesson and at the end
  • Reviewing video of problem areas from in-car camera during lesson if an area needs clarification
  • Blackvue DR 750 2 channel HD dash cam in front & fitted at the rear of training car
  • Reviewing film of areas to help see where improvement can be made
  • Promoting a safe driver style for each and every drive pre test and post test
  • Encouraging independent driving as soon as you feel comfortable doing so
  • Make you believe in your own capabilities for each and every drive, now and post test performance
  • Complying with the DVSA to ensure you pass your driving test, hopefully on the first attempt
  • The first driving test may be the biggest hurdle, but it will never be easier if you have to re-take it
  • What is the stress level at the end of the lesson?

I hope this has been of some help, please call:
John Hewlett
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