Defensive & Advanced Driving Checklist

On the day of your half day course by arrangement:
Monday to Friday (09.00 hrs to 12.30hrs or 13.00 hrs to 16.30 hrs)

I will arrive where you work or from your home (arranged prior to course) we shall need a quiet area for about 30 minutes to do the Highway code quiz just to get you in the right frame of mind for the course start.

This is why this course is so helpful to any driver no matter what standard you start the course
at by the end of the course you should be much more aware and confident in your own abilities to drive safer.

These are the relevant points that will be assessed on the first and second drives:

  • Vehicle maintenance checks (first drive only) safety checks done on your vehicle prior to start of the on road driving session.
  • Eye sight check (20.2 mts) (first drive only)
  • Blind spot consideration
  • Mirror use
  • Signals use
  • Steering discipline
  • Open road position
  • Lanes & roundabouts
  • Separation (distance from other vehicles)
  • T&T ( tyres and tarmac )
  • Speed reduction sequence
  • Smoothness & operation of all controls
  • Speed assessment (self & others)
  • Handbrake application
  • Reversing & manoeuvring
  • Restraint consideration of others
    General progress – all routes including motorways (where appropriate)
  • Concentration
  • Sign recognition & recalled once passed
  • Observation (fixed and moving)
  • Anticipation of hazards
  • Overall impression of safety
  • Commentary (if attempted not compulsory)

After the initial 20 minute assessment drive we will stop at a convenient place a debrief will highlight your strengths and weaknesses then an introduction to

SYSTEM DRIVING and the SYSTEM of CAR CONTROL as described in POLICE “ROADCRAFT” the Police Driving Manual


Some diagrams for information will be shown to you.

Next a 20 minute demonstration drive in your company vehicle
As the course will be run through Drive Alive Uk Ltd ( ISO 9001 quality assured ) booking office they provide the full insurance cover

My demo drive will show you with a running commentary how the SYSTEM of CAR CONTROL can be used on approach to any hazard fixed or moving.
Once my drive has finished, we stop at a convenient place for any questions?

You are then back in the car for your second drive you will receive some sustained coaching to raise your standard of awareness in your drive easing off as you get the hang of using the System of car Control you may even find commentary helpful?
(it’s not compulsory though)

At the end of the course we stop at a convenient place you will receive a debrief covering any points which still need to be improved plus general guidance pertaining to Advanced / Defensive Driving.

Within two weeks you will receive my written report covering the points raised within the course and a risk assessment from the DRIVE ALIVE UK LTD booking office.
To arrange an appointment for your course please call me I will liaise with Drive Alive Uk Ltd booking office they will arrange time and date for you and the cost of the half day course, or if there is two delegates the cost for the whole day course.

Courses completed within the guidelines of the H&SE