Driving licence

Changes To Driving Licenses 8th June 2015

The driving license counterpart was abolished on 8th June 2015.

  • A driving license now consists of simply the photo-card.
  • Paper driving licenses issued before the introduction of photo-card driving licenses still remain valid.
  • Endorsements, penalty points and driving bans will no longer be recorded on driving licenses, but will instead only be accessible online.

Sharing Information

There will be various occasions when an individual or an organisation will need to access your driving license information, these could include:

  • An Insurance Company
  • A Car Hire Company
  • Your Employer (this could include if you drive your own vehicle for work)
  • A Driving Instructor / Driving School

Methods Of Sharing Driving License Information:

On your first lesson provide me your NI number, with your permission I will obtain all the relevant information from DVLA