The new Renault Captur 1.5 Diesel 110 bhp 6 speed


PLEASE don’t push your kids to hard to take the DVLA driving test.

You have invested tens of thousands of pounds in raising your off spring to the age of seventeen and beyond, you have kept them SAFE.

You now want to put that investment at risk because its costing too much, pushing them to get their test taken as fast and as cheaply as possible as YOU can.

Would YOU put YOUR life savings on the outsider at the Grand National??

Don’t put YOUR kids lives at risk because YOU are counting the cost of paying for their lessons learning to drive correctly. (how much is their life worth?)

YOU are going to have the rest of YOUR days to regret the fact YOU rushed to get them through the test and they were lucky on the day and passed.

Some weeks later they died because YOU pushed them faster than they could understand what they were learning to do..

Would YOU get on the holiday jet if YOU knew the pilot had just the minimal amount of training?

No YOU wouldn’t.


Use a highly qualified, well motivated
Approved Driving Instructor
John Hewlett dvsa adi