New Ford Fiesta 1.5 diesel Titanium 6 speed 120 bhp

First introductory lesson

  • £30
  • Introduce client to the car, its controls, methods of training, payment, license details etc.
  • Free enrolment to Theory Test Pro (unless you have passed)

Maximum hourly rates are as follows for fully trained pupils ready for practical test

  • 1 hour                        =   £ 30.00
  • 1 hour 30 minutes    =   £ 45
  • 2 hours                      =   £ 60.00

The hours will depend on the standard you have reached, prior to my assessment, then take my advice.

DVSA Driving Test Charges £ 62 (subject to change) 

When using the driving school car for the driving test there is a 2 hour session involved some driving before, around 45 minutes, then the test with the DVSA examiner…

even following a pass or a not reaching the required standard I will drive you home.

(includes the extra insurance needed for the DVSA driving test with the examiner) cost for the driving school car on day of test = Charge £60

Intensive Driving Courses

As long as you have had some on road driver training before starting course….
This course is tailored to suit the client’s needs, ideally you must have passed the theory and hazard awareness test before starting course.

You will book the practical test and inform me of date so car can be made available

Course will start 2 or 3 weeks before test aiming to finish on day of test.
Course on average between 20 hours to 45 hours ( or £ 480 to £1080 plus test fee £62 plus car fee £60 ) over a 2 or 3 week period.

If you have had many hours previous driving experience, hours will be much less, the cost will reflect this.

Just ask when you call for advice to let me know what standard you think you are at? i.e. how many lessons with another instructor or parents input etc.

Once we have an assessment lesson 1 hour you will then have an idea of the hours needed

Cost per hour £ 25.00

Partly trained pupils or quite confident pupils

I can offer a discount for the first 10 hours if paid in advance for partly trained pupils:

10 hours @ £ 30 per hr = £ 300

By making payment in advance £250 = saving £50

Subsequent lesson charges up to £30.00 per hour

Beginners with no experience or very limited experience or nervous pupils

First 10 hours if paid in advance £25.00 per hr = £250.00, Saving £50.00

Subsequent lessons can be on a PAY AS YOU GO basis:

prices maximum up to:

  • £30 per hour
  • £45.00 1.5 hours
  • £60 2 hours

You will be encouraged to take your Theory test around 10 to 15 hours of Driving Lessons or earlier if you are quick on the uptake…

Theory and hazard awareness of driving is covered on most lessons

Your incentive as a pupil is to drive independently as soon as you can, but generally without prompts or coaching from me as your Instructor.

Please be guided by my advice, it will save you money in the long run, a failed test is expensive for you and costs time and more effort to re-take the test.

You will know when you are ready for the practical DVSA test.

On average someone of 17 years of age will need many hours of Professional Driver Training  (based on DVSA statistics).

Women typically require 51 hours @ £28.00 per hour
(so could cost £1428 plus theory test £23 plus practical test fee £62 plus car fee £60)

Men typically require 36 hours
(so could cost £1008 plus theory test £23 plus practical test fee £62 plus car fee £60)

or on average 45 hours.

Most younger drivers feel they are ready well before time…some may take significantly longer.

As a DVSA (car) Instructor you should learn in a shorter time, this does save you money in the long run

From start to finish I normally get most pupils through within 18 to 35 hours (depends on aptitude and any previous experience)

Defensive / Advanced Driver Training:

  • Assessment with debrief:                                  2 hour session = £70.00
  • Further Defensive / Advanced driver training2 hour session = £70.00 

A full license holder wanting to improve his or her standard to an Advanced level may take between 6 to 20 hours ( £210 to £700 ) (some may be quicker, some may take longer)

All Defensive / Advanced Driving Training should enable you to pass the (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) R.O.S.P.A. or  (Institute of Advanced Motorists) I.A.M. Advanced Driving tests,
These are conducted by the local Police Examiners working in conjunction with the respective Advanced Driver Training associations listed above

You may even get discount on your own insurance following a pass of the Advanced driving test, ask your insurance company beforehand.

Half Day or Full day Defensive / Advanced Driving courses

I been working as a Defensive Driving Consultant working freelance for Drive Alive Uk Ltd for many years

The courses complies with the H&SE at work act regarding Risk Assessment for anyone driving for a living and working within a company with over 5 employees.

Please call me with your details I will arrange the course through the Drive Alive Uk ( ISO 9001 quality standard & ISO 39001 international standard)

their booking office will cover all arrangements for time and place etc.

They will send the written report and certificates for the one or two delegates on the day within a 2 week period.

Please contact me POA via Drive Alive Uk Ltd

Pass Plus scheme

Must be completed within the first 24 months of passing your practical test

Complete course minimum 10 hrs completed over several sessions as per DVSA guidelines

Courses normally in your own vehicle ( vehicle must be insured minimum 3rd party, roadworthy, taxed and M.O.T. certificate if applicable )

A certificate is awarded by the DVSA for completion of the 10 hours training, which in turn could reduce your insurance premium for the first year.

Total charge £ 250.00

Courses can help with reducing the cost of your first years insurance, but you should consider it to get more defensive driver training following on from how you have been taught in the first place,
I do this as a matter of course throughout the training period with you as a pupil.

(Not all insurance companies offer a discount see list below, some may have opted out but there may be others that have joined the scheme)

  • AA insurance
  • BTE Lawline
  • BSM insurance services
  • Norwich Union
  • Churchill
  • Co-operative insurance society
  • Direct line
  • Privilege
  • Provident insurance plc
  • Royal & Sun Alliance
  • Tesco motor insurance
  • Zurich (Eagle star)

Check out:
or call Pass Plus hotline 0115 901 26330115 901 2633

Health Staff discount

Discounts available for all NHS staff

I frequently get asked when people phone up:

” What price do you charge ”

Up to £28 per hour

Please ask yourself the question:

Do you want good high-quality driver training?
Or do you want to cut costs and risk being involved in a RTC (road traffic collision)
because your driver instructor did not prepare you enough?

The 17 to 24 year old have been and always will be at more risk.

Who trained them in the first place?

If you were having a new Gas central heating system fitted,
would you want it done by a fully highly qualified professional?
“YES” must be the answer.

If however the person doing the work made a mistake and did not realise it because he was under-qualified or training to be a gas fitter
your house could go up in a ball of flames!!!

Exactly what could happen if your Driving instructor did not realise he was doing it incorrectly,
yet you still passed your driving test…

Think about that when you employ a Driving instructor

So get someone who is passionate about road safety and the well being of your son or daughter

Someone who will instill the right attitude to make them have a safe and sound outlook on driving

Someone who will make them believe in themselves

I have all these attributes.