New Renault Captur  1.5 diesel 6 speed 110 bhp

My Way Driving School Price List         

 Prices subject to change, current as from 1st July 2020

John Hewlett D.V.S.A. A.D.I. (car) Professional Driving Instructor

First introductory lesson 1.5 hours:          £45                                                                         

Topics covered: License check, eye sight check, reaction test, engine, car controls etc

Under normal circumstances you will be driving within the first hour with help where necessary

( If you have had previous experience you will be driving within a short time when first meeting)


Currently there are NO 1 hour lessons available                                                                                                                        

1 ½ hour lesson:                                                                                                   £45                                                                                                  

2 hour lesson:                                                                                                                       £60

3 hour lesson:                                                                                                                       £90


Genuine beginners or with very little experience,

First 10 hours only:  (if paid in advance) per hour                       £27.50             =          £275

Lesson times 1.5 hours only                                                                              

As a Registered Pass Plus Instructor, the following cost are assuming you are in your own vehicle

(If school car used then added cost for fuel to be agreed before commencement of course)

Pass Plus Scheme (10 hours minimum training as per the DVSA criteria):                 £260.00

Defensive/Advanced Driver Training 2 hour assessment session:                               £75

Defensive/Advanced Driver Training 2 hour Tuition:                                                      £75

3 ½ Defensive Driving Course per delegate                                                                      P O A

All courses will be booked through Drive Alive Uk Ltd booking office

Recommend a friend who then starts training then you get 1 hour lesson F.O.C

Current cost for DVSA theory / hazard awareness test                                        £23

Current cost for DVSA practical test  (you pay when advised you are test ready)      £62

Driving school car for the 2 hour practical driving test                                                   £60                 

 (includes the actual test with the DVSA examiner and cars insurance)


Partly trained pupils or quite confident pupils

I can offer a discount for the first 10 hours if paid in advance for partly trained pupils:

10 hours @ £ 30 per hr = £ 300

By making payment in advance  £250 = saving £50

Subsequent lesson charges  £30.00 per hour


Intensive Driving Courses

As long as you have had some on road driver training before starting course….
This course is tailored to suit the client’s needs, ideally, you must have passed the theory and hazard awareness test before starting course.

You will book the practical test and inform me of date so car can be made available

Course will start 2 or 3 weeks before test aiming to finish on day of test.
Course on average between:

20 hours = £ 500

 45 hours = £1125  

All plus a test fee £62 plus car fee £60

If you have had many hours previous driving experience, the hours will be much less, the cost will reflect this.

Just ask when you call for advice to let me know what standard you think you are at? i.e. how many lessons with another instructor or parents input etc.

Once we have an assessment lesson 1.5 hours £45.00 you will then have an idea of the hours needed

Cost works out for Intensive courses at approximately £ 25.00 per hour

All prices are subject to change  

Call me 01209 21 15 67 or 07766 22 46 42 

Please ask yourself the question:

Do you want good high-quality driver training?
Or do you want to cut costs and risk being involved in a RTC (road traffic collision)
because your driver instructor did not prepare you enough?

The 17 to 24 year old have been and always will be at more risk.

Who trained them in the first place?

If you were having a new Gas central heating system fitted,
would you want it done by a fully highly qualified professional?
“YES” must be the answer.

If however the person doing the work made a mistake and did not realise it because he was under-qualified or training to be a gas fitter
your house could go up in a ball of flames!!!

Exactly what could happen if your Driving instructor did not realise he was doing it incorrectly,
yet you still passed your driving test…

Think about that when you employ a Driving instructor

So get someone who is passionate about road safety and the well being of your son or daughter

Someone who will instill the right attitude to make them have a safe and sound outlook on driving

Someone who will make them believe in themselves

I have all these attributes.