John Hewlett Dvsa adi (car)


as of 4 July 2020 until further notice

Please read and sign at the bottom of this document.

LESSONS: There must be a joint agreement between instructor and pupil of when, where to start and the duration [minimum length of lesson will now be 90 minutes and 120 minutes 180 minutes] Minimum lesson charge £45.

If something occurs for either parties or the lesson needs to be rearranged then a suitable time period, ideally 24 hours’ notice should be given if possible.

CORONAVIRUS Covid-19:  These additional amendments must be strictly adhered to during the coronavirus pandemic.

If the pupil or any member of their household has any symptoms of Coronavirus  [temperature, new cough, or loss of taste or smell] they MUST notify me your instructor to cancel the lesson.

Also MUST contact NHS for a test

To stop abuse of cancelling a lesson at short notice if a lesson is cancelled because of the risk of Covid-19 then you will be taken off the diary for a minimum period of 14 days in which time you will be complying with the guidelines and getting tested

Likewise, if the instructor or any member of my household has any symptoms of Coronavirus I will notify the pupil and any monies already paid will be refunded or carried over to the next lesson.

All pupils should supply their own face coverings and gloves (not compulsory) prior to the lessons starting should have washed their hands with soap for twenty seconds.

The face coverings can be worn during the lesson (not compulsory)

If there is difficulty with communication in the car because of face coverings (if worn) then make it known that you are having difficulty hearing my instructions, also if the face covering causes your glasses (if worn) to steam up you must remove it.

Suitable clothing should be worn to cover arms and legs.

I will provide hand sanitiser in the car if required.

A distance thermometer will be on hand to check your temperature prior to lesson start

A high temperature reading before lesson starts the lesson will not take place

  • To stop abuse of cancelling a lesson at short notice if a lesson is cancelled because of the high temperature then you will be taken off the diary for a minimum period of 14 days in which time you will be complying with the guidelines and getting tested

The car will undergo a cleaning process before and after each lesson ensuring all hand controls and other parts of the interior that will be touched by me and the pupil are thoroughly cleaned.

All disposable items will be disposed of safely and stored in the boot of the car inside a refuse sack then disposed of safely via the means advised by the government.

If the Government changes the ruling on providing driving lessons because of coronavirus then new arrangements will be made.

TIMEKEEPING AND TRAFFIC DELAYS: Please ensure that you are ready to start on time.

I will endeavour to be on time as normally 5 minutes before. If I am delayed I will try and contact you via text message.

Be prepared for your driving lesson.

You must not be under the influence of any prohibited substance or have taken prescribed or brought over the counter medicine that might affect your ability to drive.

If for any reason, that is under my control, I cannot present you at the test centre at the allotted time for your test. Then I will fully reimburse you the test fee and the two hour lesson fee that was allocated for the pre-test warm up and the hour required for the test.

GDPR: All of the limited data that I collect of your personal details will be destroyed after completion of your driving lessons.

PAYMENT FOR LESSONS AND LESSON BOOKINGS: Please pay in full for your lesson or driving course before you have your lesson.

Payment can be done by BAC’S or cash is still acceptable.

DECLARATION: I…………………………………………………………………………… agree to the amended  terms and conditions set out above.


Print your name here………………………………………………………………………..


My aim as your Driving Instructor is to support you the client at all times to achieve the learning outcomes as required by the DVSA, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  • To conduct myself in a Professional manner at all times, as per the DVSA standards code.
  • Avoid any behaviour which encourages a physical or emotionally dependent relationship to develop with you the client.
  • Take immediate steps to end a training agreement where I believe the client has developed an inappropriate attitude to the learning relationship.
  • Avoid physical contact with a client except in a safety critical event to keep car out of potential or actual danger ( example generally is a steering correction, or gear selection)
  • Not make any contact with a client by phone, text, email or any other means, other than when there is a need to manage training appointments or for Theory Test Pro info.
  • Advise the actual price and length of lessons prior to start of Training.
  • The fees and conditions for the use of a vehicle for any practical Test with the DVSA (prices variable dependant on time and length of use of School car)
  • If you are not satisfied with the Training what is refundable by mutual agreement (normally what has been paid in advance minus an administration charge of £20)
  • To give guidance on the most appropriate time to take your Theory test normally within 10 to 15 hours commencing on road lessons
  • To give guidance on the most appropriate time to take your Practical Tests taking into account local waiting times within the Redruth and surrounding areas.
  • To make sure YOU let me know when and what time your test is booked for
  • To arrange School car on the day of the Test.
  • Make sure you the client are reminded to have your provisional driving license so you can take the DVSA test
  • That you the client is prepared to allow a DVSA Supervising Examiner to accompany you on the test if needed (seldom done in practice, it is to check the DVSA Examiner’s standards)
  • To make sure you have time to cancel test within the cut of period (5days) if you are not ready
  • You are able to take the DVSA practical test in your own car,(but not recommended)
  • Lessons, I normally try to reach my clients 5 minutes before commencing the lesson, this gives a chance to recap and set the aims and objectives for the lesson.
  • You must give 24hours notice to cancel a lesson, or a charge will be made
  • Extenuating circumstances may cause a lesson to be cancelled in which case no charge will be made.
  • If you are going to be late send me text, longer delayed than 10 minutes with no reason…no lesson and you will be charged.
  • Lastly:You must satisfy me your Instructor that you are safe to drive independent of any verbal input for a minimum period of time (25 minutes) before attempting the DVSA practical driving test before the 5 day cut off period, failure to do so you will loose your fee.