Statistics say that the 17 to 24 year old age group are the most at risk when driving.
If this is the case then there could be several causes:

  • Maybe a lack of training.
  • Having been trained by a lesser grade instructor.
  • If so he/she will have certain deficiencies in their instructional techniques.
  • These short comings need attention.
  • But this in turn could lead a pupil down the wrong path, which in turn leads to accidents.


Is a great site for help in theory training it is a must see for the younger driver.
My Way Driving School is linked to their site.
It contains valuable information about good High Quality Driving Instructors in this area.

The Honest truth
set up to help educate the younger drivers in the country .


Young Marmalade
The young driver specialist

Provisional Marmalade


Theory Test Pro

Great theory and hazard preparation for the theory test all free with the first lesson